TunesGo Retro for Windows

TunesGo - iOS & Android Devices

TunesGo is an incredibly useful iPhone/iPad/iPod manager software tool that makes it extremely easy to transfer files between iOS devices and computers as well as manage virtually everything on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. It does what iTunes cannot and is an ideal iTunes alternative for Windows users.

With TunesGo, you can easily transfer music, video, playlists, Podcast, iTunes U from your iPhone, iPad and iPod back to iTunes and more data, like photos, contacts and SMS, to your computer. It also helps you transfer files from PC & iTunes to your iPhone, iPad and iPod and even directly transfer files between multiple Apple devices with one click.

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TunesGo Retro for Mac

TunesGo (Mac) - iOS & Android Devices

Like iTunes, TunesGo can help you transfer photos, music and videos to iPhone/iPad/iPod with ease. More than iTunes, it also lets you transfer music and playlists from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes with ratings, play counts and skips as well as copy photos, videos, podcasts, video memos, and more from iPhone/iPad/iPod to Mac for backup. Plus, it allows you to manage music, playlists, photo albums, videos and more on iPhone, iPad and iPod in a quicker and more convenient way. With TunesGo, there's no need to worry about missing or erasing any content previously synced to your device.

Download TunesGo Retro     order TunesGo Retro $59.95 $47.96