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Many of us complain that iTunes is hard to use and it is even harder to sync an iPhone or an iPad with iTunes. And if you happen to own both an iPhone and an iPad, you may have noticed the fact that iCloud doesn't sync everything between the two at all. Or you may get all the music, photos, or other important data lost due to system reinstallation, computer repair, iTunes crash, failing iOS software upgrade, or other unknown errors. Totally frustrated? Take it easy! You got the right place! That's all what TunesGo Retro is about.

TunesGo Retro is an incredibly useful iOS manager software tool that makes it extremely easy to transfer files between iOS devices and computers as well as manage virtually everything on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. It does what iTunes cannot and is an ideal iTunes alternative for Windows users.

With TunesGo Retro, you can easily transfer music, video, playlists, Podcast, iTunes U from your iPhone, iPad and iPod back to iTunes and more data, like photos, contacts and SMS, to your computer. It also helps you transfer files from PC & iTunes to your iPhone, iPad and iPod and even directly transfer files between multiple Apple devices with one click.

TunesGo Retro is fully compatible with iTunes 12.1, iOS 9, and support iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus.

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Platform: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista, Size: 44.3 MB, Version: 4.7, Supported iOS: iOS 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 /9

Not only is the software perfectly capable of handling your songs and photos, but it can also manage contacts and playlists flawlessly. TunesGo features a toolkit that's a one-stop shop for creating backups of contacts, photos, and SMS conversations. - by Sarah Hanlon

Key Features of TunesGo for Windows

iOS manager Software

Transfer files between iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC/iTunes

Tansfer songs, videos, playlists, iTunes U, Podcasts from iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC/iTunes and vice versa.

Manage music on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Export music on iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC/iTunes with ratings, play counts, skips and more.
Create playlists and organize music on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Manage photos on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Transfer photos and albums from iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC and vice versa.
Create new photo albums on iPhone, iPad or iPod and add photos to your albums.
Delete multiple photos from iPhone/iPad/iPod to spare space.

Manage iPhone contacts and SMS without iTunes

Backup your iCloud, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! and iPhone's contacts onto a vCard or CSV (Excel) file on the PC.
Import/Export contacts to/from vCard file(s), Outlook Express, Windows Address Book, Windows Live Mail and Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2015.
Merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone's memory, iCloud, Gmail and other accounts with zero data loss.
Directly add or edit iPhone's contacts and split them into different groups from the PC.
Save text messages, MMS & iMessages with its attachments as an HTML/XML/TXT file on the PC so you can easily print it out later.

Transfer files between iOS devices

Directly transfer files between multiple iPhone, iPod and iPad devices without iTunes.

Add music and video to iPhone/iPad/iPod from PC

Transfer music and video files from PC to iPod/iPad/iPhone with zero data loss.
Automatically convert incompatible music and video to iPhone-, iPad-, or iPod-compatible files during transfer.


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